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Notre Provence Group with good reason recommends Recreation in Provence! You will have an opportunity to see how picking of the famous plant, the lavender begins in Provence. In the Peille village the locals hold one of the most beautiful festivals on the Cote d'Azur, the traditional Holiday of Wheat and Lavender. And yet visiting, for example, the races in Cagnes-sur-Mer or a bright themed fireworks show in the city of Monteux. Welcome to the holiday in Barcelonnette – here, as usual, the Latin Mexican celebrations will be held!

Recreation in Provence is also a Roman festival in Arles, the Arelate which this year celebrates its tenth anniversary! Notre Provence Group also recommends to visit the Bacchanalian Festival in the «wine capital» of Côte-du-Rhône region, Avignon, marking the beginning of the grape harvesting in Provence. At this festival it will not go without tasting the new wine!
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