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Lovely region, smelling of lavender, Provence has rich nature and not less rich and interesting history. Every year millions of tourists visit France seeking to learn this country, and many are interested in the history of Provence. (By the way, thanks to this the business closely linked to the tourism sector is developed in Provence).

Notre Provence Group Company is ready to assume the role of a guide and acquaint with the history of this «magic» French corner. In ancient times (before the conquest of Provence by the Romans) its territory «chosen» and settled by warlike and industrious tribes of Liguria. And in about 500 BC the also Celts began to settle in these blessed lands. They captured the areas they liked and «mixed» with the Ligurian population. It resulted to the development of a unique Liguria-Celtic civilization.

A little later, Greek sailors engaged in commerce appeared in Provence. The history of Provence retained data that about 600 BC they founded the port city of Marseille, but only after the permission of the local king by the name of Nunn. There is a legend in Provence which tells the story of the founding of the city. Allegedly, the Greeks managed to get the king’s permission only because his only daughter fell in love with one of the young Greeks…
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