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Provence which is famous for its cookery attracts to itself gourmets from the whole world.
The food here is does not mean something like a banal «food intake» – it is an aesthetic and social importante event! The French do not like to haste - especially during a meal. So at dinner time life here «freezes» ...
Alas, the residents of the capital and large cities in France have not escaped the the influence of the «fast» food cult too. But in small towns and villages in Provence the traditions of the receiving the unhurried pleasure of a delicious meal are stored.
So, let’s go on a gastronomic tour!
Choosing the Provencal restaurant for lunch, ask local people for advice - they certainly suggest! There are many different places - from the expensive restaurants on the coast to small ones with very democratic prices. In some of them you should choose a menu of 3-4 dishes at a fixed price (although such choice of food is limited in this case). Many restaurants offer several options of similar menu (you can start with a basic, which is usually included in the trout, steak, chicken, roast potatoes). You can also taste the rich menu from the "brand" of local dishes.
Bread (sliced baguette) is usually served for guests with a glass of water in almost of all public catering establishments. As for the wine – house wine is usually inexpensive, but sometimes the price on it simply the highest: it is significantly higher than the price of wine in the shops.
If you follow the figure and usually eat a little, cafes, bars and eateries of Provence offer a variety of snacks and scant food. The café serves breakfast. Usually, it's a big cup of coffee with milk, bread with jam and croissants.
If you are a vegetarian, be aware there are not many vegetarians in France. Therefore, the owners of public catering establishments are not in a hurry with the presence of a purely vegetarian menu. But several vegetarian restaurants have opened in Nice, Marseille and Aix-en-Provence. Vegetarians can also go to any ethnic restaurant or simply just order in any restaurant to cook for them vegetarian salad - without meat and fish.
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