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Formula 1 - Notre Provence Group

Formula 1 is a world well-known sports championship on ring car racing in single-seat open-wheeled automobiles. It is held in different countries every year and consists of seprate parts (called Grand Prix). Single drivers as well as teams may compete, and at the end of the race the winner - driver receives the title of the «World Champion», and when the team wins, it is awarded a «Constructors Cup».

Participants in the Formula 1 use personal production racing cars - high-quality racing cars with open wheels, so one of the main goals of the team is not only to show the best super speedy results, but also to provide the public with the best car on the track. As a result, during Formula 1 one can often encounter a completely new technical solutions for racing cars.

You can enjoy the powerful Grand Prix from Friday to Sunday (March-November); it consists of free practice session, qualifying and the race itself:
➢ Free practice sessions continue for 1.50 and are designed to prepare the drivers, to get acquainted with the route and to choose the future strategy.
➢ Qualifying session defines start positions of the drivers and it takes place in three stages (first start for everyone, the second - for the best 16 pilots, the third – for the 10 fastest). As a result the winner shall be known as holding the «pole position» - such a person starts first in the race.
➢ Race is the most important stage in the competition, traditionally held on Sunday, the average distance is 300 km, and the number of laps - from 50 to 70.
Each team is to present two pilots (automobiles colours must be identical, but the plates - different), and in case a team or a driver refuses to come to the start of the race they will be punished by a fine. The three drivers, who are the fastest to reach the finish, climb the podium for the awards.

Formula 1 is often called the «Queen of motorsport», or «Royal races», because the most expensive and popular racing championship is considered to be the most prestigious racing series and the top point in the sports career for most racing drivers. It is connected, first of all, with the high level of cars technology and incredibly costly bright show, as many well-known teams (Scuderia Ferrari, Williams, McLaren) are ready to pay millions of dollars to win the championship; secondly, Formula 1 is so popular that it is watched by millions of fans.

French Grand Prix was held from 1950 to 2008. Auto racing in France has its long history. Starting from 1906 when the first race was held at Le Mans, it received the status of the first French Grand Prix - IX Grand Prix de l'ACF. A few years later Sarthe Automobile Club presented the new race, that had the title of Grand Prix de France, and had a lower level than Prix de l'ACF. But after the transfer of the rights of the French Federation of Automobile Sport (FFSA) in sport chronicles we only encounter the name of the Grand Prix de France. The FFSA refused to carry out the French Grand Prix in 2009, the press stated, because of financial difficulties, though in later years it provided great opportunities to find a circuit for the Grand Prix.

Some interesting facts about Formula 1:
• Women can also participate in the race, but in the history of the popular show there were only 5 female drivers, two of them were able to complete the race;
• During one race a car driver can lose 2 kg of body weight, as the load is very high;
• In the fixed position the car can weigh only 450 kg, but at the speed of over 200 km/h the vehicle becomes heavier because of aerodynamic cladding;
• For safety reasons just before the motor racing fans in the stands need to buy earplugs to avoid hearing loss;
• The distance between the racing cars is calculated not in meters or centimeters, but in time;
• In the race for the Grand Prix of Monaco manholes are attached to the ground by welding because of the possibility of their falling out at the high speed;
• A well-known German Formula 1 racing driver Michael Schumacher was the first at the finish line in 212 sports competitions;
• In hot countries where the race takes place the day before the competition drivers must drink up to 8 liters of water;
• The plates are distributed according to the rating of each team in the last season. Number 13 is not assigned in Formula 1.
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