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Villar-d’Arene - is one of the ancient cities of the administrative area of the Provence — Alpes — Côte d’Azur region, Department Hautes-Alpes, with an exciting millennium history. The city that has not lost its way over time, and has found its place under the sun to shine today in its entire splendor.

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Department Hautes-Alpes

Villar d’Arène is the name of a commune and a village, belonging to the department of Hautes-Alpes and the Canton of La Grave. These places are also derived from the Roman name, that gave «Arènes Hautes» (in translation from French «High Arenas»), as opposed to the lower «Basses Arènes» (in translation from French «Low Arenas»). In addition, the last village before the Col du Lautaret was renamed Villar d'Arène, and is a fierce guardian of its centuries old traditions.

Thanks to its unique location at the foot of the legendary and prestigious Ecrins (les Écrins) peaks, this ancient village is famous for its beautiful scenery, which attracts French and foreign tourists. There is a small village of La Grave, the «capital» of amateur skiing and extreme skiing, near the peak of La Meillet.
Villar-d’Arene - 77.51 km2

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