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Briancon - is one of the ancient cities of the administrative area of the Provence — Alpes — Côte d’Azur region, Department Hautes-Alpes, with an exciting millennium history. The city that has not lost its way over time, and has found its place under the sun to shine today in its entire splendor.

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The picturesque Alpine town of Briançon is situated in the Hautes-Alpes department, directly on French-Italian border. It proudly stands among the mountains, whose height reaches sometimes 4,000 meters. It is a town of rich history and culture. It never ceases to attract travelers with its unique attractions and beautiful nature. Despite its compact size, Briançon has magnificent view!
Briançon is one of the highly placed European towns. It is located at an altitude of 1326 meters above sea level. So, first of all it is known as a town of health centers and a ski resort. By the way, in the town there are plenty of attractions worth visiting and admiration. Many of them are included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Briançon is close to the National Park of Ecrins (Parc national des Ecrins). In suburban districts of Briançon there is huge number of unique natural reserves. In other words, Briançon is the «epicenter» of the «Five Valleys». Tourists come to the town to enjoy a vacation in nature: in the summer vacationers go to interesting hiking or cycling on trodden trails, visit historical sites and museums, but in winter the town is inviting fans to walk on snow-covered slopes on skis and snowboards. Overall, the leisure program of travelers is always varied and rich.
It is authentic, quiet town with a Mediterranean lifestyle, with locals opened in communication who constantly tell guests about their region with the same southern Mediterranean accent. It's Briancon!
Briancon - 438 km2

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