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Saint-Tropez - is one of the ancient cities of the administrative area of the Provence — Alpes — Côte d’Azur region, Department Var, with an exciting millennium history. The city that has not lost its way over time, and has found its place under the sun to shine today in its entire splendor.

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«The city of glamor», the city that welcomes every summer the richest and the famous guests from all over the world, it is certainly the French Saint-Tropez! The beaches of this town magically beauty attracted the attention of tourists around the globe. So why do not go there, do not walk its Mediterranean coast, and do not see all its attractions?!
Saint-Tropez is a beautiful town on the southern coast of France, in the heart of the French Riviera. It became famous in the XX century, thanks to the films are removed with Brigitte Bardot, comedy with Louis de Funes and youth television series of the same name «Saint-Tropez». Today it is a town of luxury villas celebrities, expensive restaurants and shops, trendy youth gatherings, and of course, a town of great artists. At the time, there lived and worked Paul Signac, Pierre Bonnard and Henri-Émile-Benoît Matisse.
The favorite «sport» in Saint Tropez is «to show themselves and to see others». Visitors love to sit with a glass of wine in restaurants or cafes, on the terrace, watching other people, hoping to meet global celebrity or movie star. In the main port of Saint-Tropez there are many moored yachts, which are also «compete» with each other in beauty, luxury, size, cost and vigor crews.
Saint Tropez is the style, luxury and entertainment. So, before you go on a trip to Saint-Tropez, make sure you budget allows (it’s a joke). But however, this city is worth it to visit there once in your life!
Saint-Tropez - 15.18 km2

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