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31 Rue Haute
06510 Bézaudun-les-Alpes

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Bézaudun-les-Alpes - is one of the ancient cities of the administrative area of the Provence — Alpes — Côte d’Azur region, Department Alpes-Maritimes, with an exciting millennium history. The city that has not lost its way over time, and has found its place under the sun to shine today in its entire splendor.

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The medieval village of Bézaudun-les-Alpes is a small French commune, located in the department of Alpes-Maritimes. The village is located north of Vence, on the crest of rocky hills. The western side of the village stretches to the mountain range of Cheiron, bare hills and valleys on the eastern edge reach the Var River, which flows down to Nice.
Wild and deserted landscape of the foothills of the St Barnabé plateau is fascinating the glance of the travelers. The very same village of Bézaudun-les-Alpes impreses with well preserved old light gray houses, sometimes even rosy gray, built with local stone that seems hooked on the rocky slope. Walk along the narrow cobbled streets that are not designed for cars, admiring the medieval architecture, cozy courtyards, climb to the top of the village, enjoy the stunning views opening before your eyes and take a breath of pure fresh air. Be sure you will get a lot of fun of this walk.

Bézaudun-les-Alpes - 21.44 km2

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