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Fabulous «pearl of the sea», which incorporated both the modern and the ancient, preserved millennial traditions and customs, opened up new origins of avant-garde architecture - that is microstate Monaco which is diverse, and at the same time it strikes with its extreme unbeatability.

Monte-Carlo is an independent country, small in size, located in a picturesque corner of the south of Europe, about ten kilometers from the borders of France and Italy. It is washed by the Mediterranean Sea, and on the other side one can enjoy a spectacular view of the Alpes-Maritimes. The location of the country is very convenient, as the mountains securely protect it from northern winds, and the Cote d'Azur attracts everyone to have rest.

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Monte-Carlo - is one of the ancient cities of the administrative area of the ...

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The territory of Monte-Carlo embodies four city-districts: the capital of Monaco (old city), Monte Carlo (global place for rest and gambling), La Condamine (a business center and sea port) and Fontvieille (industrial area).

This country is called the paradise area as the climate and vegetation strike with their harmonious unity from which you get bright impressions: there is practically no rain, and the winter temperature does not drop below -5 degrees; a big variety of plants (figs, palms, pine, juniper, cacti, citrus fruits, etc.) grows in the area.

In general, the stability of the economy of Monaco is provided by tourism, gambling business and profit from the media covering the life of the royal family. Almost 80% of the population are foreign tourists and business people, and only 20% are local residents, Monegasque, Italians and others.

Each year, the Principality of Monaco arranges various exhibitions, festivals, music concerts, tasting days, and motor racing Grand Prix Formula 1, held since 1950, sports tournaments in tennis, yachting races, horse races and other competitions. However, undoubtedly, most people associate this tiny country with the Monte Carlo casino. Built in 1863, it became the opening of the era of gambling in Monaco. The casino impresses with its fantastic Rococo architecture, beautiful scenery, and rich world elite representatives. It should not be forgotten the dress code for visitors is certainly refined, and the local residents of the city-state do not have the right to visit the casino.

This picturesque place attracts with a huge number of shops, clean beaches, the custom to arrange gardens on rooftops of buildings, comfortable hotels, and stylish restaurants. So it is called «elite tourist destination».

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