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The most profitable type of business in Provence is considered hotel business and real estate. Also the business in Provence is focused on the areas of the tourism industry and food, the production of cheeses and wines, the restaurant business. Here, people love to go to restaurants and cafes, so the organizers can count on a quick «return».

Services are traditionally demanded, as in any country, in France, the make-up artists, masseurs, shop assistants, hairdressers, and so on are in demand. If you create a company which will be at a high level, will provide a variety of services, it is unlikely go bankrupt.
Notre Provence Group notes that the business of Provence is also represented (as in most countries of the world) by Internet technology, software and a variety of modern computer services. Today many companies of this direction are work in Provence. But this market in Provence is quite wide and offers plenty of opportunities.
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