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Place du Palais de la Justice
Address - Place du Palais de Justice - 06300
Type - Architecture, Monuments
In Nice, there is a place with a very serious-sounding name - the Place du Palais de la Justice (Palace Square of Justice). However, the presence of two public authorities (the Court of Nice - the Palais de la Justice and the Tribunal de première instance (Court of First Instance)) has no impact on the «relaxing» Mediterranean atmosphere of the Vieille Ville (Old Town). Near the court building and police cars next to it, people walk so quietly across the square, sitting at cafe tables or examining junk dealers’ counters... And besides, on the steps of the Palace of Justice stairs, one can often see young people with bottles of beer!

Place du Palais de la JusticeIn general, life is «in full swing» day and night here, and nobody seems to pay attention to court buildings. (They are photographed mostly by tourists). Visitors are not allowed to enter inside the two palaces.

The Palais de la Justice (Palace of Justice) is an impressive massive building, built for the Court of Nice in 1880. This is a sample of neoclassical style, with an impressive staircase, Ionic columns supporting a triangular pediment.

The Tribunal de première instance (Court of First Instance) is located opposite to it in the Palace of Rusko, built in 1780, and has more modest appearance that the Palais de la Justice (Palace of Justice). (This is due to its origin – the building was originally a military barrack and later a monastery). The low tower with a clock «animate» in some kind the ascetic appearance of the Palace of Rusko.

In general, the Place du Palais de la Justice (Palace Square of Justice) looks very nice – it was recently restored and has become even more attractive to locals and tourists. (Too bad that only a fountain in the corner helps everyone to escape the heat of the day because there is almost no greenery).

The square is often a venue for various city events, concerts and shows; the cafes (one is located just opposite the Palais de la Justice (Palace of Justice)) are constantly open and, on Saturday, there are markets that are a «paradise» for collectors. (The first and third Saturday of each month, you can buy antique and just old books, the second Saturday – paintings, sculptures and souvenirs, and the fourth Saturday – ancient postcards).

Map - Place du Palais de la Justice

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