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Parc Phœnix
Address - 405, Promenade des Anglais - 06200
Type - Architecture, Monuments, Botanical Garden, Nature
Arriving in Nice be sure to visit the Parc Phœnix (Phoenix Park) (especially if travelling with children). The fact is that here you can see not only the beautiful and rare plants, but also a variety of exotic animals and birds. The park has a playground for children, also they will surely like a musical fountain which «plays» wonderful Viennese waltzes.

Parc Phenix Nice ProvenceParc Phœnix is located on the outskirts of the western part of the city (near the airport). Also there is a lake nearby and the building of the Asian Art Museum built by the Japanese architect Kenzo Tange. (Usually, tourists have time to explore the museum's collection and spend time in the park).

Parc Phœnix (opened to the public in 1990) is brighter and more spectacular than the Mont Boron and the Botanical Garden – here in the an area of 7 hectares over twenty thematic sectors each of which represents rare plants, flowers and various exotic birds and animals are located. Most rare plants the visitors will see visiting the «Green Diamond», one of Europe's largest tropical greenhouses. (This 25 m high greenhouse is located on the area of 7 thousand square meters).

Here you can watch the large ostriches, macaw parrots with bright plumage, «wise» owls, crowned cranes. The apparition of peacocks who from time to time revealing gorgeous tails roam freely throughout the Parc Phœnix inspire wonder in adults and children.

In the centre of the park there is a very beautiful lake with weeping willows, reedbed and irises on the shore (the area of 6 thousand sq. m). Black swans, pelicans, mandarin ducks, Canadian and Hawaiian geese row on the water surface. Here you can also see the mallards stopping to rest during seasonal migration. The lake is home to thick koi, but fishing is prohibited.

Numerous flower beds in spring resemble colourful «carpets» of tulips, hyacinths, daffodils and other flowers. Agaves, cacti, aloe, heather, orchid, pachypodium (bottle tree), tree ferns, citrus grow in the park grow – the list is endless! There is even a «vegetable garden» where aromatic and medicinal herbs grow.

Initially, the Parc Phœnix was expected to be made only «vegetative». (First it was even called «phoenix» in honour of the date palm). Plants of 2,500 species were selected by the scientists so that the visitors could see with their own eyes the diversity of the flora of different continents.

But gradually not only the plants began «to settle» in the park, because the animals are so fun to watch! Here the amicable couple of otters splashes in the pool (they have cubs annually which is quite rare in captivity). They often amuse the visitors with funny and cheerful «tricks». On can see in the park and large porcupines, small wallabies, cute, fuzzy-eyed Madagascar's lemurs, iguanas, caimans and large sulcata tortoises (living in the greenhouse). Aquarium with a variety of colourful fish and the insectarium, a home to tarantulas, bird spiders, giant cockroaches and other insects are also popular.

Map - Parc Phœnix

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