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Marc Chagall National Museum
Address - 36 Avenue Dr Ménard - 06000
Type - Architecture, Monuments, Museum
The fans and enthusiasts the work by the artist Marc Chagall would not lack the opportunity to visit the National Museum in his name in Nice. In addition, this museum was created with the direct participation of Chagall himself.

musee national marc chagall Nice(By the way, from March 5 to June 13, 2016, there will be an exhibition reflecting the role of music in the work of this artist, graphic designer and master of monumental and applied arts).

The museum was opened in 1973 in his presence. The first name was Le Musee National Message Biblique Marc Chagall. The building is surrounded by a lovely garden, which was designed by a great master, who called it le Jardin d'Éden de la créativité (the Garden of Eden of creativity). The visitors admire the cool colors of white and blue tons, cypress, thin solid oak, pine and olive trees. (Here, everything is left in the same way as it was at the time of the artist, whose modest grave is located close to – in the little cemetery of Saint-Paul-de-Vence).

Marc Chagall settled near Nice, in Saint-Paul-de-Vence in 1966, when he was already 79, being an acknowledged master. All his life was «behind», spent partly in Russia, Lithuania, Germany and France...,  an escape to the United States after the arrival of the Nazis in France, a new success abroad, the death of the wife Bella and his return to a liberated France...

In the 60s, the artist was «at the peak» of his popularity. The representatives of the different countries of Europe, America and Israel «were queuing» to make a decorative order of Christian churches and synagogues. (For example, an order for mosaics and tapestries was from the part of the Government of Israel for the Parliament in Jerusalem). The artist worked first in Paris, then bought a house in Saint-Paul-de-Vence, and taking restructuring, transformed into a studio.

In 1964, Chagall received an order of General de Gaulle and created a beautiful ceiling for the Grand Opera in Paris. At that time, the French State (represented by the government) received a donation from the master of seventeen of his best paintings, « Le message de la Bible » ("The message of the Bible"). André Malraux (who was then the Minister of Culture) expressed the idea of creating the Chagall Museum in Nice and proposed to make the paintings, given by the master to France, as the collection center. Soon, for the construction of the museum, the city authorities have allocated a large plot, where there was a dilapidated villa, built in the early twentieth century.

Marc Chagall was engaged in the garden «project» with pleasure and well determined the placement of each table, personally created stained glass and mosaic in blue tones for the concert hall. The project of the one-storey building of the museum was designed by architect André Herman.

The museum exhibition reflects the master’s religious inspiration. Here you can see his work in gouache with illustrations of the Bible (yet started in the 30s), a large collection of lithographs, sculptures and ceramics.

The two rooms exhibit 17 paintings, illustrating the Old Testament (in the first room, there are 12 works in cool emerald blue tones, depicting the scenes from the books of Genesis and Exodus). A reddish gamma «reigns» in the second room, 5 paintings are devoted to the love lyrics of the Song of Songs (the Canticle of Canticles). The exposition of the third room is regularly updated.

Map - Marc Chagall National Museum

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