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Epicurium Museum in Avignon
Address - 100, Rue Pierre Bayle - 84000
Type - Museum, Nature
There are many museums in Avignon’s – of art, history, but the most unusual museum in the city is Epicurium. Its exposition is dedicated to Provencal vegetables, herbs and fruit, in short, that is of direct relevance to the cuisine. About this the museum visitors will learn much new and interesting!

logoAt that, Epicurium in Avignon offers you not only a theory, but also a practice. (The theoretical part of the tour is carried out in modern rooms with exhibits, multimedia screens, stands and the practical one – right in greenhouses, growing rooms, and in the garden).

Also the visitors are allowed to exercise their culinary talents on the local kitchen!

At first, the visitors will view the first part of Epicurium exposition. It consists of several rooms where you can see firsthand what the Provencal cultures are in plain view, feel their smell, and take part in interesting quizzes. Exhibition halls in this museum are decorated in an original and vivid manner it is equally interesting to either adults and children, or adolescents.

Then comes the turn of the 2nd part of the Avignon museum exposition - the «practical» one. You will find yourself in a well-kept Mediterranean garden where there is a greenhouse and even a small apiary! An experienced local gardener and beekeeper will be your «guide», listen to his interesting story about the benefits of plants and bees.

Also the guests of Epicurium will be able to harvest already ripened «gifts of nature» and to plant the fresh seedlings in the beds. Is the work finished? Let’s go to the kitchen now!

Here we are waited by the «culinary» secrets of cooking tasty and healthy, and also simple meals. (For the guests who are not confident in their culinary abilities there is the possibility to taste the food already prepared in advance by the local chef who was awarded an honorary star on the Michelin guide).

Map - Epicurium Museum in Avignon

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