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Cours Saleya
Address - Cours Saleya - 06300
Type - Architecture, Monuments
One of the most vibrant and lively places in Nice is the main pedestrian street in the Old TownCours Saleya. (It is located parallel to the quai des États-Unis, stretching from the Place Charles-Felix in the east to the Rue Saint-Francois-de-Paul in the west).

Cours Saleya NiceNot least of all this street owes by its popularity to the open market, one of the most famous in the south of France, located here. It flickers before eyes a little from a variety of striped awnings over the counters where you can buy anything - from bread and wine to the fruit, seafood, cheese and honey - in short, everything of with what the Mediterranean is abundant.

And it smells with lavender everywhere – what to do without it!

Both the residents of Nice and tourists (mostly those who live in rented accommodation in the Old Town) come to shop on the market with pleasure.

Here is a products purchase «system» not quite usual for us. Firstly, it's not accepted to bargain here. Coming on the market (it is better to do it from 6 to 8 am), the buyers carefully select the goods putting them in canvas bags. And when all that is necessary is already in the bag the products must be put into special plastic bowl and the seller will weight them (this is especially convenient for non-French speaking guests).

Tourists often come to the market to buy fresh fruit for breakfast, sachet for souvenirs and bread and cheese for picnic on the Colline du Château and flowers for the hotel room.

However, it is impossible to buy food here on Mondays – the counters are occupied by the antiques sellers. Simply everything is there at a makeshift «flea market» – from the bulky furniture items to spoons and forks! (You name it: glassware, jewellery, leather goods, paintings, tapestries, crystal and a variety of chotchkies... )

And all around the crowd of buyers and sellers who enjoy exploring the counters the Old Town continues to live its life. Looking up the guests will see the sparkle of the sea through the trussed arcs of old houses (in one of them, in the yellow building on the 3rd floor Henri Matisse once lived). Next to the market on the Cours Saleya a beautiful Baroque Chapel of Mercy is situated and after going to the end of the street to the west you can see the opera house.

After the bustle of the market it is time to «refresh yourself»!

One can dine on the Cours Saleya street literally anywhere. There is plenty of cafes and restaurants (and by supper time, after the market is closed, the food outlets seat their clients across the width of the street, quickly putting tables and chairs).

Having set on a chair at last the tired guests order the famous bouillabaisse fish soup, salade niçoise or gram flour cakes called ‘socca’ - and their forces reappear for further «discovery» of Nice.

Map - Cours Saleya

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