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Cathedral of Saint Reparata
Address - 3, Rue Sainte Réparate – 06300
Type - Architecture, Monuments, The Basilica
In Nice, there is a not quite ordinary cathedral dedicated to «the heavenly patroness» of Nice, Saint Reparata. This Catholic Cathedral Basilica located in the old town of Nice on a small square in the middle of the narrow streets.

Cathedrale sainte reparate niceLocals know and revere «their» holy. It is known that Reparata, the victim in the name of Christ, a fifteen-year resident of Caesarea in Palestine, was beheaded in 250. According to legend, the body of the executed young woman was in the boat which was sent by the angels to the shores of Nice. After that, the Bay of Angels supposedly got its name...

The Cathedral has 10 chapels with interesting history (previously they belonged to individuals who could bury there the dead family members and for that constantly maintained, decorated chapel). However, in XVIII century the King of Sardinia, Victor Amadeus III, prohibited the burials in the cathedrals and churches.

The facade of the Cathedral of the Holy Martyr Reparata has been recently renovated, now the foremen continue restoration works, «renewing» the luxurious interior resolved in a magnificent Baroque style (rich decor with gilding, frescoes and Corinthian columns).

At the site where now the Cathedral is the first church appeared back in the XIII century. For a long time, until the first half of the XVI century, the Nice Cathedral stood on the castle hill. But then it was decided to move the Episcopal chair down, so the parish church of the Holy Martyr Reparata gained the «rank» of the cathedral.

A small building of the latter-day cathedral with time already could not fit the increasing number of parishioners. In 1649, the reconstruction of the temple under the direction of architect Jean-André Guibert in the Baroque style has begun. It was supposed to cover the dome with the coloured glazed tiles (in the spirit of Genoa). But due to the limited allocation of these funds the construction works was slow. In addition, in 1658, the collapse of the nave vault of the church occurred. The flinders injured the Bishop who soon died of his wounds.

After this tragedy the works in the Cathedral were not conducted during 5 years. However, finally the construction was continued, and in 1699, the Catholic priests consecrated the rebuilt Cathedral.

But this restructuring was not the last for the Cathedral (between 1731 and 1757 a beautiful bell tower was added). And in 1825-1830, the elegant facade of the Cathedral was decorated with 4 statues of Saints and right at the entrance the statue kneeling Saint Reparata was set.

Map - Cathedral of Saint Reparata

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