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Castle Hill (Colline du château)
Address - Rue des Ponchettes - Rue de Foresta - Montée Montfort - 06300 Nice
Type - Architecture, Monuments

The name of the Castle Hill in Nice (Colline du Château à Nice) recalls the times past, when this city was not calm and peaceful, but warlike and fearsome.

Colline du chateau(One of the oldest cemeteries in the city, where the remains of many celebrities are buried on the terraces, is located on the Colline du Château à Nice).

There is no castle at a high level (of 92 meters) on the Castle Hill now, but there is a beautiful park with breathtaking and beautiful views over Nice. The castle-fortress had been staying on the hill for 7 centuries before the beginning of the eighteenth century, and, at its «seven centuries» age, it had withstood many enemies seats.

The Allied Forces (of King-knight Francois I with the Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent) besieged the castle in 1543. (The North fortifications were destroyed during the Franco-Turkish siege, after which the Duke of Savoy (Duc de Savoie), Emmanuel Philibert decided to rebuild the defense system). Soon, however, the troops of Louis XIV besieged Nice, and the Duke, after repelling an attack, had to build the castle again. However, in 1706, during the Spanish Succession War, Louis XIV besieged the fortress again and put it into ruins, 54 days after its bombing, it was forced to cede...

The castle on the hill remained in ruins until 1830, when an order for the creation of the park therein was received from Charles Felix, King of Sardinia, and the Italy’s «predecessor», which had decided so.

The Emperor Napoleon III, who visited the Castle Hill in September 1860, loved the view from the hill. He called it «...the most beautiful scenery he had ever seen.»

Today, one can admire the spectacular views from the top of the hill with a specially equipped observation platform. On the left, on can see the port of Nice, full of yachts and ships, and on the right – the whole of the Baie des Anges with a walk of 6 km long.

Upon arriving here, one will have to leave the car at the foot because this kind of movement in the park is prohibited. You can mount the Castle Hillby using the free of charge lift, arranged in a rock, by a funny little white train or on foot, along the shady paths.

It is nice to take long walks in the park on a hill by winding alleys, closely framed by retaining walls of limestone. Visitors are greeted by a thick shaded forest of cypress, pine and oak trees... And on the site of an ancient tower, in the greenery and the ruins of ancient walls, a big waterfall gurgles nowadays, which appeared there in 1885. Tired of impressions, the visitors can sit here in one of the small cafes or in the shade on a bench.

Map - Castle Hill (Colline du château)

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