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Taxi - Notre Provence Group

If you have a wish to walk round cozy French towns, to enjoy pleasant communication and beautiful nature, if the idea of going to Provence for a couple of days enters your mind, Notre Provence Group is at your disposal!

Besides, if you have no wish to drive yourself, using a taxi is quite a good idea (though it is not the most popular transport in Provence). It is not common in France to catch a taxi just by waving your hand, so you will hardly stop an auto just in the street. Transport in Provence has its own rules. You can take a taxi on a special stand; they are situated near bus and train stations and airports, near metro stations and the main town crossings. Passengers are supposed to take the first taxi car at the head of a rank, with a plastic roof light «Taxi». (You may take a back seat only).

Taxi can also be ordered by telephone. Usually the car arrives in 10-15 minutes.


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