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Provence is rightfully considered to be the gourmets’ paradise. In Marseille, Aix-en-Provence, Nice or Antibes – you can enjoy French fine cuisine everywhere! Guidebook of Provence Notre Provence Group are always ready to help in finding and visiting the best places.

Restaurants of Provence are expecting their guests. Each of them is a bit like a truffle: to understand the taste you are to ‘get deeper’. And a good idea is to begin with 10 Michelin-starred restaurants which have received the best status. (However, beside them the Guidebook of Provence will inform you of a great number of stylish and unordinary places with traditional or modern cuisine, which can also offer take-away food).

Provence restaurants are easily recognizable: they have the one and only understated and exquisite style; Provence is embodied also in the lightness of local cuisine. Notre Provence Group also suggests your visiting the places often favoured by local residents rather than by tourists, it is there that the spirit and taste of Provence are masters! (Provence restaurants change their menus depending on the season; the most seasonally delicious and healthy things are included into restaurant cards offered for guests).

Don’t you find it really pleasant to take a table on a garden verandah surrounded by green shady trees and bright flower-beds? Notre Provence Group recommends enjoying Provence artfully decorated dishes against the background of beautiful natural landscape…

Guidebook of Provence contains a list of food houses suggesting an individual guest approach; if someone has some allergy or doesn’t like onions or garlic it will be taken into account obligatory. Each client’s point of view is considered here, that is why waiters can ask you several times if you are satisfied.


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