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The French Riviera, in fact, is the continuation of the Italian Riviera. Well, or vice versa. As you know, this part of the territory of France only some 150 years ago belonged to a completely different state - Italy. Therefore, it is quite logical that the Italian culinary traditions are perfectly "fixed" here. And especially pizza places in Cote d'Azur are popular.

Pizza places in Provence can be found in any city of the region, especially in those cities that are on the sea coast. Some pizza places in French Riviera Italian families hold. Therefore, they prepare pizza for their special family traditions and secret recipes. At the daytime, pizza places in Cote d'Azur are crowded of visitors. Well, in the evening the table is difficult to find at all. And habitués of such catering establishments are residents. You have to know if there are no places in the pizzeria - this is an indicator. So pizza here is delicious! Price tag is average, but pizza is exactly the most excellent in the city!

There are pizza places in French Riviera, where you will have a ready-made pizza for your choice from the menu. There are also some in which you can choose fresh ingredients for pizza. Some pizza places in Cote d'Azur cook pizza on wood inside of the catering establishment, which is a rarity for such restaurants. And pizza, cooked in this way, has a special taste: it is so tempting to crack under an abundant layer of melted cheese, and the smell of Provencal herbs is spread all over the pizzeria and even to the street ...

Franco-Italian pizza is large in size, and also nourishing. This is always an excellent value for money. Pizza places in French Riviera also offer a huge selection of salads, pastas, desserts and drinks. Prices in these catering establishments are quite democratic.

Many pizza places in Provence offer such a service as pizza delivering to your house or hotel. You can sit comfortably in the evening, meet and chat with friends, and also celebrate your favorite holiday in a pleasant and a cheerful atmosphere in such catering establishments with a beautiful interior.On this page it is offered the best pizza places in our region. Notre Provence Group, a travel guide to Provence strongly recommends: if you are in the south of France, be sure to visit one of the pizza places in French Riviera. We promise you an unforgettable taste of Italian pizza in the French manner, excellent service and cordial hospitality of the owners of these classical catering establishments.


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