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Our section will be dedicated to one of the most favourite delicacies not only in France, but all over the world, as well as provide a detailed information about the popular French dairies. We also look forward to friendly cooperation with the cheese factory representatives in France to place on our website more details of cheese products, a variety of news, advertising.

If you come to amazing France and want to feel yourselves as true Frenchmen, it will take a little bit - only to find a great French wine and a good snack. French cheeses are so varied and so delicious that it is simply impossible to resist and not to try a little piece. It is a real decoration for a good dinner. Walking through the comely French streets in search of expensive delicacies you will see many variations of cheese: hard, soft, fermented, pickled, or coated with crust, of milk of cows, sheep, goats.

French cheeses are known around the world for their unique taste and are truly the pride of the country, so in small villages it is considered an honour to be a local cheese maker. 


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