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Perhaps, the most pleasant way to learn a new country is its "cognition through the stomach". After all, trying the national dishes, you can discover the culture and customes of people. The Cote d'Azur with its cafes, bistros, bars and restaurants will make you fall in love with this wonderful part of France once and forever.

French Riviera Cafe is a place for romantic dates, for family holidays, for example, birthdays, and just for a pleasant conversation with friends. It is in the Provence’s Cafe that you can taste the most diverse gastronomic masterpieces - author's dishes, dishes of European and French cuisine, authentic dishes!

On every corner of Provencal cities and villages you will meet many cozy cafes that attract visitors with bright signs. From such a number of cafes on the French Riviera, your eyes run up! Cafés of Provence are with a less extensive menu than restaurants. They focus mainly on simple and quick cooking and drinking. Feel like a real Frenchman, looking into one of the Cote d'Azur cafes in the morning, and enjoy a cup of fragrant strong coffee (or hot chocolate) with a croissant for breakfast. For lunch with delicious sandwiches with salmon on the crispy crisp, go to any other café in Provence. And in the evening, prefer cafes in the open air, for example those that are located by the sea: dinner by candlelight under the splash of waves, with a pink- purple sunset and a glass of light French wine, will leave an indelible impression on you!

Try a real, refined French cuisine in one of Provence's cafes. You will be impressed not only by the taste of dishes, but also by a cozy interior, beautiful serving of dishes and hospitality of the owners of the cafe.

Visiting the cafe in Provence, take into your mind some of the nuances of catering establishments. Many cafes of the French Riviera do not work at daytime (from 15:00 to 19:00). There are also those that are closed on Sundays and on public holidays. After 22:00 the kitchen practically does not work, and you can order only drinks in the cafe. Prices for meals in Cote d'Azur cafes are usually indicated on the stands on the street or posted at the door. Many cafes organize "happy hours". In this case, alcoholic beverages and food are sold at a discount. In the Provence’s cafes it is customary to leave a tip to the waiter. Well, if you see the phrase "service compris" in the account, know that the "tips" are already included in the payment.


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