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City - Montauroux
Fête à la Médiathèque from 2 pm to 6 pm

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Star Wars party
City - Monte-Carlo
The party devoted to popular cult saga of fantastic worlds where the distant planets compete promises to be eventful and bright.

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All about whisky in Monte Carlo
City - Monte-Carlo
Just 3 days are given to a meeting of investors, collectors and real fans of this precious drink to participate in an exclusive event in the glamorous Monte Carlo.

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Nobel day
City - Nice
The first celebration of the Nobel Day in Nice with the presence of the famous French physicist, Serge Haroche, the Nobel Prize winner of 2012 for "ground-breakin...

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Parties at Hi Beach Hotel
City - Nice
This is really an explosive mixture of electronic music.

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Evening party - Notre Provence Group

The name of this pastime (usually cheerful and relaxed in a circle of friends and acquaintances) says "it all" – let’s meet in the evening!
A well-organized party will give participants a positive attitude, a "flood" of tumultuous joy, cheerfulness and good mood for the whole next week or even a month. A properly organized party is a holiday that can be remembered for a lifetime!

Along with this people do not have to wait for some holiday or a date, or even a weekend to get together and have a great time! (The parties, of course, are very similar to the holidays or festivals but they are just meetings "without cause" of relatives and friends not in the least in order to celebrate any religious or public ceremony).

This is the charm of these evenings – if desired, spontaneously, among the usual week to organize a holiday for yourself and your friends, relatives, good acquaintances. Just a party (or for a change - a thematic one) can be carried out at any convenient time for everyone!

On this cheerful "event" a light and relaxed atmosphere will prevail (since a theme party will gather the very people for whom the theme of the party will be congenial).

Of course, today's young people who cannot imagine a good rest without them the "sets the tone" in organization of parties. And the only desire to gather all people in whose society we feel easy and comfortable at one time, in one place is important here!
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