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Latino-Mexican holidays
City - Barcelonnette
A Mexican ... that's the nickname given to the city of Barcelonnette. Separated during harsh winters with high mountains its children, after the Caribbean, found M...

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Easter Extravaganza 2016
City - Arles
We're going to Arles, to the holiday on the occasion of the Easter Extravaganza! The venue is the famous arenas. Colourful folk processions throughout the city, fr...

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Moscato at a Gallop!
City - Orange
Friday, January 29, 2016 at 20:30. Entrance fee - €15 (Reservation). You are awaited for the premiere of a new play written and performed by Vincent Moscato!

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Spectacle - Notre Provence Group

A spectacle (Fr. – spectacle) is the product of stage art. The name comes from the Latin word “spectaculum”, meaning the “show”.

Previously the spectacles were staged only in theatres and now there are also television and radio plays.

In creating the play on the stage the whole team of the theatre is involved (in addition to actors the important “role” is played by the work of scene-designer, composer, make-up artist, props, etc.).

In dramatic theatres a literary work (a play or a scenario) usually requiring the actors to improvise is at the basis of the spectacle. Musical theatres take the musical dramatic works as a basis of their spectacles (opera, operetta, ballet, musical). The staging of the spectacle in a musical theatre is often carried out under the direction of conductor (in respect of opera and operetta) or choreographer (ballet).

The spectacle as an art form has evolved, changed over time (between the creators of the spectacle there was a redistribution of creative functions). The scenic culture grew and therefore the affirmation of “the principle of ensemble” which involves the deliberate use of the means of expression and consistency of the acting of all the performers occurred.

The creation of a spectacle in modern drama theatres is managed by a production director. In accordance with his creative concept he combines the efforts of all the participants of the spectacle production.

During the work with the artists and composers director’s idea is concretized and we as the spectators can enjoy an excellent result.
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