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Car Rally Monte-Carlo 2017
City - Monte-Carlo
The Rally Monte Carlo is in the Hautes-Alpes!

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Motor Racing Le Bol d'Or in Le Castellet
City - Le Castellet
24-hour endurance race of motorcyclists has been held annually in the south of France since 1922. At different times it took place in various places before settling in...

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The 19th Historic Rally in Nice
City - Nice
Fans of rally will be interested in watching the renowned competition organized by the Automobile Club of Nice, paying tribute to a famous racing driver Jean Behra. He...

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Rally - Notre Provence Group

The French are for the most part very risky people, and also love modern cars. This "fusion" of interests was the reason that the rally is held every year in the country. Drive is provided to both participants and spectators!

The rally that has long become an international sport is kind of racing on a specially built or modified vehicles (such races are held in private or public roads) with the passage of "control points".

The participants of the ride are called "pilots" and the rides are mainly made on the most "common" roads. The objective of the pilot is to be the first to get "from point A to point B", at that they can drive with the maximum speed only on sections of the road especially closed in advance (so-called SU).

In other sections of the road the pilots during the movement are required to comply with all the usual rules of the road.

France went down in history as a country, where the first rally was held. This happened in 1894 when the race was held between Rouen and Paris - the interest in it simply "rolled over"! The cars from leading manufacturers competed there, the victory went then to Panhard and Peugeot. (the prizes were awarded after the "processing" of information received from observers then sitting in each of the participating cars).

However, the term "rally" was applied to such races only in the winter of 1907 on the first rally in Monte Carlo.

These events marked the beginning of "rallymania" – not only in France but throughout Europe the people became fascinated by the road races between the cities (especially in Finland and Sweden). During this time the rules of racing according to which the rallys are held today were determined.

There was a stage in the history of rally when the increased speed led, unfortunately, to many accidents and a large number of victims - both pilots and spectators with the other members of the movement. And after 1905, the French Government banned the rally, now the race was to be held in the special (private) roads. Later, the rules were adopted in other European countries (except Italy).

However, the new rules did not reduce the interest in the rally! Particularly in France they love the famous Tour de Corse (Corsica Rally held for the first time in 1956, also referred to as the "Rally of ten thousand turns") and the Monte Carlo Rally "founded" in 1911. In most the French won in these races.

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