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44e Salon Sucre et chocolat
City - Antibes
L'Union des Artisans Pâtissiers Chocolatiers Glaciers des Alpes Maritimes organise le 44e salon du sucre et chocolat au Palais des Congrès de Jua...

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Isola 2000. Ouverture du domaine skiable le 2 décembre 2017!
City - Isola 2000
Ouverture du domaine skiable selon les conditions d'enneigement le 2 décembre 2017. Fermeture prévue le 15 avril 2018.

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Snow Shuttles
City - Greolieres
Municipal Information:

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Discovery of reading to children
City - Briancon
Free entertainment for children 0-7 years and their families The Departmental Library and Maternal and Child Health Service offers you discovery of books and reading ...

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All about whisky in Monte Carlo
City - Monte-Carlo
Just 3 days are given to a meeting of investors, collectors and real fans of this precious drink to participate in an exclusive event in the glamorous Monte Carlo.

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Presentation of Tesla new car
City - Cannes
Tesla Motors American automobile company will provide an excellent opportunity to assess the new production of electric vehicles in the exhibition hall located in...

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Presentation - Notre Provence Group

One of the most effective marketing and PR instruments is presentation (from the Latin “praesento”, i.e. introduction).
With the help of presentation we can represent any object (goods) delivering the information about it to the target audience in the most appropriate and convenient form.

The presentation provides an opportunity to see the immediate reaction of customers to the goods introduced as soon as the audience got the comprehensive information about the object of presentation. (Which allows then to adjust the presentation focusing on the appropriate reaction of the audience).

To convince the customers and cause a positive reaction to the presentation of an object we can if we demonstrate the appropriate mindset - confidence and enthusiasm which “will be passed” to the people.

We will greatly increase the chances of sale of our goods if we hold a presentation in a quality manner informing the potential customers about what needs they can meet with our product. In the case of correct identification of customer’s needs we will find for him a more persuasive words, and our presentation will be shorter and more precise.

Usually (for perception convenience of the audience) presentation must have its own structure, premeditated plot and script.

One can make a presentation using not only audio series with the video, but the combination of (in different “doses”) the music with the audio series, the text with computer animation, video with graphics and so on. All of this should be harmoniously organized in a single environment.

Interactivity of the presentation is another of its distinguishing features of which we should not forget (the user must be able to communicate during the presentation via the controls).

Regardless of the performance “model” we chose every presentation should primarily serve the purpose of a clear “delivery” of the necessary information about the object of presentation.
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