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A scenic genre quite popular nowadays is called a musical. Coming to see a musical the spectators see at the theatre a creation that organically combines drama, dance, music and opera arts. Most often a musical poses a performance consisting of 2 acts.

Musical is an abbreviated word derived from the phrase "musical comedy". However, musical not always a comedy, it can also be a drama, a farce or a tragedy.

Musical appeared due to the development of European and American operettas, violations of the "old" traditions of this genre, the expansion of the existing "borders", addition of the showiness, spectacularity and expressive means.

Their big enough impact on the development of the musical had the genres of comic opera, burlesque and vaudeville and music pop styles and tendencies of 20-early 21 centuries.

Opposed to operetta musicals almost have no own dramaturgy. Their basis is usually a literary work or an altered libretto (taken from the same operetta). Also a processing, an adaptation of works for the musical genre initially created for drama theatre occurs.

This common musical-theatrical genre is considered one of the most commercial genres of theatre art. (That is quite explainable b the variety of interesting and relevant topics for performances, staginess of musical and the absence of restrictions on the actors in the choice of means of stage expression).

In addition, it is quite a complex genre in relation to production, and, accordingly, such productions are not cheap. It is worth remembering, for example, the musicals with special effects popular in the United States, those that are produced in Broadway theatres. (There such performances having a great success with the public are staged almost daily for several years running).

The history of musical is anything but simple, because of its "likeness" to operetta it has not long been recognized as a separate genre of theatre.

But during its "life" this genre gained popularity having formed the characteristics inherent to it only and thus having defended the "right to exist".

A dynamism of action, an acute dramatic conflict, a variety of singing musical forms (a "weaving" of dialogues, songs, music and show) are inherent to the musical. A special role in musical is given to choreography seriously different from ballet and operetta dance.

The orchestra composition in the musical is more diverse, it is "not shy" of many techniques of symphonic jazz, as well as more modern trends that require acute, shocking "colours" and electro acoustic apparatuses.
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