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Easter Extravaganza 2016
City - Arles
We're going to Arles, to the holiday on the occasion of the Easter Extravaganza! The venue is the famous arenas. Colourful folk processions throughout the city, fr...

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Cheval Passion horse show
City - Avignon
Do you love horses? If so, come to Avignon. Here, from 20 to 24 January the international equestrian show “Cheval Passion” will take place!

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Equestrian show - Notre Provence Group

When looking at these adorable little ponies and graceful riding horses it is hard not to smile! We invite you to the equestrian show!

This theatre performs in different places, at different venues. The repertoire of this unusual theatre contains interesting acts that will delight the audience of all ages. You are waited at the performance with the charming four-legged "actors" of equestrian theatre directed by pretty girls and even children!

Mainly musical costume horse mini "plays" on a variety of topics are presented in the equestrian show. The main actors in the performances are a horse and a rider seeming a single whole!

Often the horse acts are included in the one show along with the stunt players, musicians and dancers. The children on ponies and adult actors on horses demonstrate elements of classical dressage and "miracles" of training.

Children with their young horses look like just playing getting themselves a great joy and giving it to you! Many performances in equestrian show are based particularly on a trust-based relationship of animals with people.

The spectators usually receive very warmly both the performances of children with ponies and the big horses (who perform with obvious pleasure all sorts of tricks, naturally perceiving them as part of the usual interesting communication with people).
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