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Peace and Sport Forum
City - Monte-Carlo
The eighth conference of the Peace and Sport World Forum will be held at the Grimaldi Forum from 25th to 27th of November, 2015 and will bring together under its sloga...

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Forum is a mass representative assembly, the congress, a place of mass communication where any sufficiently significant "global" problems are designated and (or) solved. At such a meeting everyone present is free to express his opinion or disagreement with the ideas of other participants.

(The origin of the word "roots" back to the times of the Roman Empire. In Rome, the central square of the city where all the residents gathered for the discussion of various issues or arguing was called ‘the forum’).

Nowadays, this concept is applicable in almost all spheres of modern society: economic, political, social, environmental and so on.

For the rentatives of the business forum provides an opportunity to gather in the course of the event a large number of representatives of one type of business to discuss the matters which require elaboration and adoption of a common position.

Often, during the forum such activities as conferences, press conferences, "round tables", presentations or exhibitions, and so on are held.

Of course, such a mass representative meeting as a forum requires a careful prior preparation. However, the effectiveness of the forum is usually very high.
As part of such an event you will be able to communicate with colleagues, discuss the most pressing issues of the work, meet with journalists of leading mass media. In addition, your products presented (within the frame of the forum) will be seen not only by customers, but by your partners and journalists.
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