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Concert Métropolis
City - Cogolin
Metropolis est un vocal band composé de 4 musiciens-chanteurs passionnés, au répertoire de reprises dont les arrangements vocaux et musicaux sont ...

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Concert The Gregorian Voices
City - L'lsle-sur-la-Sorgue
A 21h à la Collégiale Notre-Dame des Anges Tarifs : 19€ (Réduit : 15€ ; -12 ans : Gratuit)

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Élection de Miss Menton 2017 - Daily Fashion
City - Menton
From 20h30 to 23h00 ...

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Quartet concert classical guitars «CUERDAS»
City - Ventabren
​Concert of classical guitars by the Quartet «CUERDAS»

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Easter Extravaganza 2016
City - Arles
We're going to Arles, to the holiday on the occasion of the Easter Extravaganza! The venue is the famous arenas. Colourful folk processions throughout the city, fr...

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Moscato at a Gallop!
City - Orange
Friday, January 29, 2016 at 20:30. Entrance fee - €15 (Reservation). You are awaited for the premiere of a new play written and performed by Vincent Moscato!

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Free concert of Gigondas
City - Gigondas
Friday, January 22, at 21:00. They are ready to give you a whole hour of a beautiful orchestral music during the concert with a rich and varied repertoire!

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Cheval Passion horse show
City - Avignon
Do you love horses? If so, come to Avignon. Here, from 20 to 24 January the international equestrian show “Cheval Passion” will take place!

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Peter Pan on Ice in Monaco
City - Monte-Carlo
In early March the public in Monaco will be offered the famous show “Peter Pan on Ice” with the participation of Russian skaters.

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La Wally. Alfredo Catalani's opera
City - Monte-Carlo
The guests of Provence being at that time in Monte Carlo got a great chance to see and hear the classical staging of Alfredo Catalani's opera "La Wally" ...

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Concert - Notre Provence Group

The cheerful people of France, a country famous for a huge number of all kinds of celebrations are not bored and will not allow the guests to get bored!

The example of this are the professional and amateur exhibitions, fairs, festivals, forums, and, of course, a variety of concerts (for every taste, from classic to contemporary) taking place in Paris, Marseilles and in all the cities and settlements, regardless of their size and the number of inhabitants.

Let's remember that a public performance of any musical works according to the program prepared in advance, as well as the music-hall and ballet turn, and so on is called a concert.

It all started in the era of ancient Greece and Rome. All sorts of competitions, including sports were called the concerts there.

In different historical epochs the concerts differed primarily by the circle of people for whom these “events” were held, starting from the Middle Ages the music concerts were mostly enjoyed by the aristocracy, the elite and the wealthy merchants.

The music concerts became public indeed only by the beginning of the XVIII century. Then the divertissement was often demonstrated to the public in the drama theatres (after the main piece was played). This was, in fact, a small concert – turns of various genres performed by the same actors complemented by a performance of specially invited artists “from outside”.

Although England is considered to be the first country to have started the concerts in the music halls (special halls in the hotels) and pub theatres (pubs with a stage), and France later “pulled forward”!

Since the second half of the XIX century there was “a boom” of cafe-concerts and cafe chantants where the performances were played for a small number of visitors.
In addition to concert-chantant that become a very popular genre 2 more varieties of the concert activities stood out in the 18-19 centuries: the divertissement under the auspices of the theatre and the philharmonic concert itself, that is the genre of so-called “serious” music.

The 20th century has made its corrections. The stage works begun to be included in the concert program (but out of the theatrical performance), as well as dance and literature ones. The performance on these concerts could be “alive” and with “sound recording”. Mass entertainment events for a huge number of viewers (e.g., at the stadiums, squares) with the use of powerful light and reproducing apparatuses started to be held.

Such types of concert as a pop concert (which included an light vocal and instrumental music, humorous skits and stories, circus act, etc.), music (chamber, symphonic, piano, violin and so on.) and literary - artistic reading were determined.
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