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Can any secret become apparent?
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Date - 08.09.2017 8:23
The family lawyer of the victims of the plane crash of SE-210 Caravelle III, which flown from Ajaccio to Nice, said that the investigation of the tragedy was resumed.

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Lewis Carroll Fantasy World Version of Tim Burton in Marseille
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City - Marseille
Date - 07.09.2017 8:07
The Longchamp Palace in Marseille invites you to Lewis Carroll's miraculous adventure in Wonderland.

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The production of wine decrease due to spring bad climatic conditions in the region
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Date - 06.09.2017 8:39
The volume of wine production in the region will be reduced in 2017.

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Local tourism restored
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Date - 05.09.2017 8:13
According to the Regional Tourism Committee, the number of foreign tourists on the French Riviera has increased significantly in the spring and summer of 2017.

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Everyone was treated by Calissons this weekend in Aix
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City - Aix-en-Provence
Date - 04.09.2017 7:39
This weekend there was an ancient holiday in Aix-en-Provence devoted to the consecration and distribution of calissons.

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15.09.2017 08:08
Menton will hold the first E-bike show on the Cote d'Azur
The first bike ride with a special exhibition of electric bicycles will be held this weekend in Menton.  
14.09.2017 08:03
The Festival of Kites in Marseilles will host the participants from 10 countries
On September 16 and 17 in Marseilles, the Festival of Kites will take place.
13.09.2017 08:32
Hurricane Irma inflicted damage on the French overseas territories
As a result of the Irma hurricane on the French overseas islands Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthélemy, at least n...
12.09.2017 08:25
Cannes Yachting Festival celebrates its anniversary
Cannes Yachting Festival is recognized as one of the most important events of the yacht industry, as well as the larg...
11.09.2017 08:09
The publication which disclosed the naked photos of Kate Middleton was fined for a considerable amount
The French court of Nanterre ordered the popular Closer magazine to pay moral compensation to the royal family for pu...
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