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Artists of the French Riviera
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Pablo Picasso and the city where «they know how to live with pleasure»
The founder of Cubism in painting, known around the world, Pablo Picasso spent the last 27 years of his life on the French Riviera. His arrival in Antibes took place in 1939, and then the creator has decided to settle in this picturesque corner. He chose the Grimaldi Castle as his place of residence and work on his magnificent works of art.

Picasso considered that especially in that town people really understand what joy of living was. The stay in this village inspired the French artist to the creation of the painting The Joy of living (La Joie de vivre) and about 150 other paintings. They are all in the Musée du Château Grimaldi.

The reproduction paint by the master’s hand, called Night Fishing at Antibes (Pêche de nuit à Antibes) is located in the Bastion Saint-André. The artist created it during the years of his first visit there. While most of his paintings are dominated by an abstract form, in this picture, the towers of the fortress of Antibes are clearly visible. The famous painter was also living in the beautiful town of Vallauris, and he found his last earthly refuge in Mougins – a luxury villa of Notre-Dame-de-Vie. The museum, where you can admire the famous paintings by Picasso, is on the Mariejol Place (Place Mariejol) and is open to visitors every day except Monday.

Claude Monet - the master of light and shadow

Claude Monet, Notre Provence Group

Claude Monet, the founder of the well-known movement in painting - Impressionist - liked to call Antibes as “gilded by the sun”. The artist wrote his Cap d'Antibes, Mistral particularly in this wonderful area. This work was a great success on the exhibition in 1889 in Paris. Monet noted that the air in Antibes was surprisingly transparent and brilliant. Researchers of his works are confident that he and the other impressionists managed to bring the amazing beauty of the urban landscape in the world.

Monet is rightfully called a master of light and shadow. It is believed, that he was engaged in a battle with incredible light, and in order to recreate it on canvas, gold and jewelry were needed. While being in Antibes, he created three paintings at the same time. One of them, named Antibes effet d’après-midi, adorns the town dock.

Henri Matisse, in love with Nice

Henri Matisse, Notre Provence Group

Since 1917, the founder of Fauvism Henri Matisse had lived in Nice. He fell in love with all his heart of this beautiful town on the French Riviera. The artist was struck by lighting "soft and delicate" of the streets of this earthly paradise. Here, the master created his masterpiece, known to all admirers of his work, a series the Odalisques, many paintings, representing the views from the window and stylish interiors. This was in Nice, where Matisse felt a free and happy man.

Fans of his work can admire the painter’s works in the Matisse Museum in Nice, consisting of 18 rooms. There one can see the beautiful paintings, drawings, collages, created of paper by the artist, as well as his majestic sculptures.

Auguste Renoir

Auguste Renoir, Notre Provence Group

In 1883, the famous master of the secular portrait made his first visit to the French Riviera. The famous graphic artist and sculptor Auguste Renoir admired the sunlit olive groves. There, a little later, the painter decided to settle for a long time and built a house. The museum, in which nothing has not changed in the master environment, including the interior of his studio until now, is open to the public at Cagnes-sur-Mer. Known around the world, the artist began to create sculptures, which even rapidly progressive arthritis could not stop. It is in this museum that everyone can admire the magnificent statue of Venus Victrix, as well as see the personal belongings of the famous artist. The museum welcomes its visitors every day, except on weekends, Tuesdays and holidays. Entrance fee, it is possible to book guided tours.

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